Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mo Money Part 2

Was re-reading the Irresistible Revolution recently and was re-gripped by Shane Claiborne's thoughts on how a follower of Jesus must always think, pray and act on the responsibilities of the Kingdom "here on earth".
When he talks about our responsibility/duty to help the beggars on the road to Jericho. As we do, this engagement begins to naturally spur us to re-think this road that produces these beggars, outcasts, the down and out.

I'm remembering the lush Tea-Fields in Malawi. Malawi is in the top 5 Poorest Nations in Africa and yet Malawi yields 75% of the worlds green tea. All across the tea fields are sprinkled with laborers, some of the poorest in Africa. This is Malawi's road to Jericho.

My friend Anthony posted this clip from the John Daily Show. Some thought provoking insight and facts to the banking system in the US, our current Economic Landscape and the American road to Jericho; Take a look.

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