About Me

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Born in South Korea, immigrated to the US when I was two and growing up in New York City, I cannot remember a week of my life without church. My parents come from a rich church background so that did not change for me.

I really started to own my faith in my late twenties and since then, I haven't looked back. Having wanted to impact the lives of others through the way of Christ, the life transformation I've experienced and seen, He is undeniably who He says He is. Even on my worst days, I cannot turn away from Him, cause I've seen too much.

Seven years ago, a growing spiritual discontent lead me to ask some fundamental question about life and how I lived it.  Involving some spiritual leaders and friends in my conversation eventually led me to moving across the ocean and into the other hemisphere, the beautiful South Africa.  I helped build an orphan ministry and Youth With a Mission Office, Ten Thousand Homes and YWAM Kruger Park, but this was all a spiritual pilgrimage to "deepen my wells."

After three years of intense engagement with the orphan crisis and HIV/Aids Pandemic, coming from a family where music is very strong, the song of Cape Town caught my ear.  Well it was a woman, now my wife, who's song really caught my ear.  Grace is from Nigeria and though she is absolutely gorgeous on the exterior, very few people see her greatest beauty is from within (if you want to know more about us just click here).

In short, all my passions (creativity, music, songwriting, performing, the down and out, children, truth , discipleship, mentorship, etc.) have been pushed to the limit.  I guess that's what happens when you marry someone with similar values.

We are based in the #5 Most Beautiful City in the World and our goal in life is to grow in experiencing the endless beauty in the this world and to tell others how they can too.

Currently I am a Frontman in a Rock n Roll band base in Cape Town called Static Run.  Co-Founder of Maximize Missions.  Our website is undergoing some work but we connect professionals with short-term missions projects in that they're vocational skills are used to empower and uplift the impoverished. A Trainer with The PIN Code.  I also teach, preach and lead worship for churches locally and internationally.