Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Samson-Song Quarterly Newsletter

April 2013

Can you believe it? Another quarter of 2013 has just zipped by! We trust you had a meaningful Easter celebration. One of our Easter highlights was the pleasure of going to watch the “African Passion” story at Baxter Theatre in Cape Town with some dear friends. We loved the contextualization and creativity presented on a shoe-string budget.  Easter reminds us of the reason both of us are here serving in another country for the glory of Christ.
Another personal highlight was the 2 year anniversary of marriage on February 24th. We decided to make it a whole weekend celebration. Our theme was to explore new things that we’ve wanted to do or see. We discovered a Tibetan Tea House, a Korean Restaurant, took a road trip through the Overberg on the East Coast of Cape Town. South Africa is such a beautiful country and there’s so much to see and do without costing a fortune.
 On the ministry front, there’s so much to share so how about we jump right in?

YWAM Training and Meetings
In the first three months of 2013, David taught on two Discipleship Training Schools (Media Village and Drakensberg) and Grace taught on one DTS (Media Village). Combined, it’s about a month of our time spent in preparation and teaching towards the spiritual development of DTS students.
In the first week of March, Grace attended the Regional Leadership Team (RLT) meetings for 2 days held at Goudini Spa, Worcester. This is the group that provides spiritual oversight over the work of YWAM in all of Southern Africa.

Local Church
Lately, we have received a number of invitations from our local church to preach. It is an honour to use our gifts to edify the local church that we belong to. David was asked to preach on the last Sunday of 2012 to wrap things up, and Grace was asked to speak on the first Sunday of 2013. God used both of us to bring reflection and re-alignment of priorities through the messages that we preached.

Conference Speaking
In early January, YWAM Worcester, one of the largest bases in Southern Africa hosted a Conference to get the Staff team on the same page with one vision and mission. Grace was asked to speak and David  led worship. It was a rich, participatory process and we enjoyed working together in hearing God and moving in the direction of the Spirit. The outcome of the conference was developing a Corporate Mission Statement for the base.
In Mid-February, Grace spoke at a Marketing Company Employees’ Conference at Arabella Hotels & Spa, a 5-Star venue in Hermanus. The feedback from the event was tremendous! The Management of the Company is now more open for spiritual input in the area of personal development and also looking into attending Grace’s course – The PIN Code in the nearest future.

The PIN Code Course
In mid-January, we had the privilege of leading the another PIN Code course, the first for 2013 in our home. We had participants from YWAM Muizenberg and from our local church. This was the 5th Course presented since the launch last year. God used the tool to bring clarity and light to the group, we were very pleased with the outcome.

Static Run and HEARTZA Movement
Praise God for a successful launch of The HEARTZA movement in a concert hosted by the STATIC RUN band on March 9. The HEARTZA is the platform that celebrates and honours those working with vulnerable children. Part of the STATIC RUN Band’s vision is to raise awareness through hosting BENEFIT Concerts. This first event highlighted 4 local NGOs - Samaritan’s Feet, Baby Safe, Sibongile and Children of Promise.  Static Run will host similar benefit concerts in India in our upcoming June tour.

Upcoming Events and Requests:
Switzerland and India – From our recent special fundraising newsletter, we shared that we are trusting God for a total of $5,792. This trip is potentially the focal point of our year, and we are reminding you to consider sowing a seed towards making this faith trip a reality. Please use one of the options below to give:
David’s Support
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South African Bank Account
Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Holder: Grace Samson
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Swift code:  FIRNZAJJ

Well, thank you for taking the time to read and pray along with us. We are so grateful for your coming alongside us in countless ways. Your partnership definitely confirm the saying “No one should travel through life alone.” Thank you for coming this far with us, and we look to the future with great hope because together, we can fulfill HIS purposes in our generation.

With love from us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phase 3

Well, we've launched the band, Static Run and we've broken into our 3rd phase of the band.  The practice/creating time is over, the rehearsing for the show is also over.  Now we're into playing out and getting gigs.
A little bit on our first gig at the Barleycorn Music Club...we had some Static Run fans there!  Shout out to you guys!  The Barleycorn is set up as a Singer/Songwriters Venue, so as you can see from the pictures in the previous post, the stage is small.  Also, the room isn't terribly big, so we had to tailor our sound a bit...basically lower our volumes.
But we had a great time!  We also had some great feedback from fans that stayed after the show.  Also the Barleycorn music board, where discussing to see if there was a possibility to get us in their annual Music Festival, which was the following weekend.  We did not play in the Festival, but encouraged that they were impressed and are looking forward to next years Festival.
So at the moment, we've taken a little hiatus, cause I've been teaching at YWAM bases in South Africa.  Last week Grace and I were teaching at YWAM Worcester, this week I'm at YWAM Drakensberg (Grace is teaching at YWAM Media Village) and next week we're both teaching at YWAM Muizenberg. 
We are currently looking into playing that Zulu Bar (, here on Long Street, Capetown.  If you've ever been to Capetown, you know Long Street.  Its one of the main hubs for clubs and nightlife here in Capetown.  We're also inquiring about The Assembly in District 6 ( which is another big, live, rock scene here in Ctown.
Ok, well that's it for now.  Gotta run and teach class.  More to come!

Pictures from our shows...

@ our first official gig, The Barleycorn Music Club
 Another shot from The Barleycorn Music Club
 Shot from our Family & Friends Show
People dancing @ the Family & Friends Show

Monday, March 5, 2012

First GIG, Tonight!

Tonight, the band will be playing at the Barleycorn Music Club.  It's out first gig, outside of the Family & Friends Show.  Thanks to all those that watched the online stream.  We had an overwhelming amount of support and over 300 people attended the show.

We're especially excited about tonight's gig at the Barleycorn Club cause it begins what we set out to be.  A band bringing entertaining and uplifting tunes to people that are hungry for it.

Here's some history: Barleycorn’s principal function is to promote & present the best local, original music. Over the years, the Barleycorn has played a role in the musical careers of a number of now household names. David Kramer recorded his first album 'Bakgat' at the club in 1980 and others who've enjoyed our support include Amapondo, Flat Stanley, Freshly Ground, Steve Newman & Tony Cox amongst a very long list!

Tonight is where we really test the waters and see how close we are to the mark.  Tonight is where we get to see what the band, and as we love to say, "Jehovah Sneaky" are up to.
So for those that are in the area, come on down to the club.  You can find the directions for the club on their website,, under the directions link.  For those afar, we won't be live streaming this show, but please lift up the time in prayer, that spirit of the night will be of love, healing and celebration!

We're looking for the "in-roads" into the South African music scene and this one was opened to us via Gary, our producer for our single "I'm Alive", which we recorded the weekend before the Family & Friend's Show.  It just highlights the unexpected/surprises we find along this journey of faith.

Well, more updates and pictures to come.  Love you and I could not have come this far without your support.  You guys are amazing!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Start of a Dream...

Almost 14 years ago, as I was leading two worship bands and various other ministries, a growing discontent started to become visible to me.  How much of my musical gifting was reaching the lost?  At that time I had been this gift within the walls of the church.  Now please don't get me wrong, this is a much needed thing.  But was I called to just the walls of the church?  I think everyone is called to be a light, especially where this light is dim or lost.  So I embarked on a personal journey to become a musician.
Honestly, I felt that many friends of mine did not understand this choice and the actions that followed.  As a well-respected worship leader in my church circles, I stepped into new and bigger territory.  There were some wilderness times, as there always are.  Began to writ songs that I liked, finding my voice.  Managed to rally some friends and a band.  Did some touring in the US but then was lead to go to South Africa.  Helped pioneer a Orphan NGO and now, in 2012, this band, has emerged.
Tomorrow we're taking the first steps into this old dream I've held onto and pursued.  Even when so people did not understand, one must follow through on one's convictions.
Tomorrow we launch this band with a Family&Friends Concert.  It's to honor all those that have supported us along to way.  It's looking deep within and realizing all the encouragement, big and small, have played a significant role in each step of this journey.
So this one goes out to you.  I could not have come this far without you.  Thank you for sticking by me and not giving up on me.
The show starts 6:30pm at the Muizenberg Pavillion (Community Center) tomorrow night.  For those from afar, please catch our online stream of the show on our website
One of the beautiful ways to which the Father leads us is through our passions.  Quite simply it enables us to live in a manor above the status quo and to love doing it.  I know when I started this blog many of you might have thought I'm the orphan guy, or some remember me as the worship guy or the preacher guy.  I'm still all that, but in this season I'm the Static Run guy.  Come and watch and see what is unfolding with our show, with the music.  It's a worship time, but with a twist.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey Everyone,

So we're finally here.  For all my out-of-town family members and friends, you can join in with us for the show.  Just CLICK the link below!!!!

Family & Friends Concert
March 2
Muizenberg Pavilion
7pm (Cape Town)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Time to Honor

Our First Show!

About a month ago, as the summer holiday ended and the all the band members came back to South Africa, we decided to put together a show to homor out family and friends.  We know how much our family and friends have played an integral role in each member of the bands journey to get to this point. 
So we found a venue and booked it.  MARCH 2 Family & Friends Show!!!  We’ve also hired a lighting and sound team.  One we are blessed with, cause they usually do large and popular artists that come through South Africa.  We’re also blessed to have our friends in media that will be filming the night.  With that, we’re going to stream the concert online (more info to come), so that our family and friends back in different time zones can be a part of this.
We’re working day and night with so many aspects of the show.  I love you all and thank you for your love and support in this journey.  More updates will be coming!