Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Taken from the Ten Thousand Homes Blog)
Changing routine for worship

Ten Thousand Homes

Mbuso Tsela is a 26-year old from Mbonisweni who has decided to live for God beyond what his culture expects and do more than go to church on Sunday. Mbuso was an important part of constructing Ten Thousand Homes’ latest house: Uvikelekile. He opened his heart one day at the Uvikelekile construction site and shared how his story gave him a passion for volunteering. Mbuso struggled in school until he went to a school to help his learning disabilities. He tried to reenter school in Mbonisweni in grade 9, but couldn’t keep up. His self-esteem was shattered, and he left school. Mbuso started getting involved with his church and community in 2007 so he wouldn’t feel so lonely during his empty days. “I loved putting the roof on this house because it’s something I can do well. I’ve done it before at my own house, and it feels good to do something I’m good at. And to do it for God.”

Creative Action
Mbuso said he thought before that volunteers were crazy for working without making money, but now his heart is in it. He is honored to be doing something for God. Pray for Mbuso as he continues worshiping God in his every day life, using what he is good at instead of being discouraged by what he is not. Pray also for the every day tasks in the work that Ten Thousand Homes is doing to bring glory to God. This week, take note of the tasks that can seem mundane and pray for God to show you a way you can serve Him in your daily life. Whether it be a meeting, a class, or a drive, pick one part of your daily routine and give it to God in prayer before beginning. Expect for God to surprise you with his love in the most routine tasks like He did for Mbuso.


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