Monday, April 18, 2011

Mo Money

Money is such a big part of our world. Having too much and having too little highlight so much of our world's problems. The daunting task of our wedding and its cost was a journey of listening and faith of our Father. They joy of seeing the Father come through on His word and the blessings given to all that witness was amazing.

Connections, in the aftermath of our wedding, in the midst of all the blessings strategized and organized by our Father, through a wedding connection, we were invited to a networking meeting for Christians to impact South Africa. One of the featured organizations was Cause Transformation ( It's leader, Nicolette Booyens, spoke about Cause and it's goals. They're vision is to erradicate extreme povety in South Africa by using a 'non-Colonial' business model that trains to generate income in the poor communities/townships in South Africa and also to re-invest this income right back into these communities/townships. Much of the retail stores in South Africa employ members from these poor communities. They spend about 40% of their income on transport to and from their work place and the majority of the 60% of their income is spent on products from these retailers. In essence, very little portion of their income is invested into their communities, hence the Colonial Business Model.

Cause Transformation aims to create business initiatives by providing start up cash and training members of the communities to start businesses that are based in their communities. Cash flows into the communities, benefitting it's community members more and more.

I chatted with Nicolette about the possibility of Cause Transformation doing some initiatives with the Ten Thousand Homes projects, such as Kabokweni, working with our partners like Elizabeth. The possibilities are endless. So pray with me and Ten Thousand Homes as I have continue to meet with Cause Transformtaion.

Lets help erradicate stupid poverty.

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