Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Interruption

As the planning of the wedding is intensifying, today, Grace and I have 15 days left until we're joined in a holy union, to each other, to the Father. Many of you can relate how the craziness of life becomes as you're planning a wedding. Just one word; craziness..and in this craziness Jesus walked among us. 
I was at Cape Town International Airport, picking up my friend, mentor, white dad Rich Hodge so that we could speak together at a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Worcester here in South Africa. That morning I had spent some time debriefing DTS students at YWAM Media Village, had coffee with an old friend and running errands for the wedding; which can seem like a mountain that continues to rise and rise with no visible end.
So after a vey busy week, a very busy morning, I had a few moments to myself as I waited at the Arrivals area for Rich.
Within a few minutes I saw a familiar face. It was a student at a DTS, here in South Africa, that Rich and I had spoken at just 6 months ago. My first reaction was to hide and turn away...thinking "I'm too tired at the moment and what possible inconvenience could arise from this meeting." So I looked away. As the voice inside started to grow louder, I said "hello". 
Surrender, which was the subject I had taught on just a week ago, rang true in my soul in that moment being reminded that my life is not mine but it belongs to the Creator, the Father. Stepping into the Father's plan, which usually disrupts our plan, brought about so much life, the reason why we were created. To my friend at the airport, to me, this encounter brought about encouragement, more love and light, which always pushes back he darkness, the lies.
So in the words of Winkie Pratney "God is God and we are not" and His ways are so much higher than ours.

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