Monday, January 31, 2011

You never know where obedience to the Father will take you. I've lived a good part of my adult life on this path. I'm not perfect by any means, nor was I meant to be, but growing in this, trust thing with God, has been and always will be amazing (Though I have my moments kicking and screaming).
When Grace and I started to really get serious about each other, we talked about what a "wedding" would look like, without and worries of money. Life lived for God should never be dictated by the size of your bank account. "God is not short on cash" as Bono tells us. So throughout our engagement and up till now, Grace and I have been asking God what to do, how much to do, etc. Our original budget for the wedding and looking back that was a "safe" figure has just about doubled. And please remember, this has been a conversation that we've been having with the Father since the beginning.
First hurdle, venue, venue, venue. Everything revolves around the venue; wedding date, invitations, decorations, pictures, budget. Again we did not want to be "safe" and try to tackle this on our own. Heck, Grace and I have been living much our adult life relying on God so why stop now. Through some friends and some clear God moments (I'm shortening the story so that this post won't be so long, but if you're curious, please ask, I'll be happy to tell you), we decided on a venue that equalled the cost of our original venue. We had some money saved, the deadline for the down payment was due. Out of no-where, we get sent a check that with your savings, can pay for the down-payment. Then our guide and wedding mentor, took a step of obedience and at the end of the day, the venue was given to us at half price. Basically the venue was paid for.
Let me just list what God has provided:

Wedding Venue Molenvliet Wine Estate
All flowers
All decorations
All our printing (from invites to dinner menus)
Wedding Cake (at cost)
Catering (60% paid)
Wedding dress,
Bride's maid dresses
Sound Equipment
10 waitstaff
One night accommodation at Molenvliet
All-expense honeymoon at a five-star resort in Malaysia
Dance lights and smoke machine (possibly free)
Wedding Tea/Drinks and hor d'oeuvres
Marriage Documents

To be clear this has been provided either through financial donations from friends and family, services donated by friends and family or just some great connections. This list has become incredible, especially as I reminisce and think what a great opportunity it has been to grow in faith and trust in our Father. That truly he meets our every need.
In the last leg of the prep we're still need have some needs. One of our biggest hurdles is our flight tickets to Malaysia.
If you' like to give towards this at®type=3.
If you'd like to buy us a gift please go to our Wedding Registry at
If you'd like to give us cash please just click the DONATE tab and click the PAYPAL button.
Thank you guys for journeying with us. Love David and Grace.

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