Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Days Left

As Grace and I have been preparing for the wedding, our married friends, have told us how crazy this final week will be. In the back of my mind, "I thought to myself, well it's not going to be this way for us." I was speaking out of arrogance and ignorance. Our final week has humbled me and as well, surprised me.
From airport runs, to car break downs, last minute flight bookings to picking up projectors and screens...Grace and I have been telling ourselves to slow down and take it all in. I can see how easy it is to let this leg of the preperations, go by so fast, cause it really is CRAZY! One of the surprises has been my brother Peter. He's been so amazing with Grace, her family and friends and of course, my friends and family, here in South Africa. He's been so engaging, especially getting off two days of travel, with everyone here. Rigth now we're waiting for my little sister to arrive at the airport. I can't wait for more surprises to come. Again, it's the Fatehr marking my relationship with Grace with surprises...He is a good God.

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