Friday, October 8, 2010

October Update

So settling in to Cape Town has been good. I had about a week to settle in, take in the landscape and work my head around the beautiful mountains and gorgeous mountains as my new home. From the Lowveld to the Cape, God has really wanted beauty in my life. So here's a little update for this month and what moving to Cape Town has been so far...

1.) Got Engaged!!! Please check out our website if you haven't. We've posted pictures and also a bit of the engagement story online so that you could be part of it.

2.) Music/Band. So I've got a bass player, a few possible drummers and on the look out for a second electric guitarist. We're looking to secure a practice space. We've also been approached by someone to shoot a music video for one of our songs. We're still in the planning staged, but it's very exciting! More updates to come later.

3.) Speaking/Worship. There's a possibility to lead worship at the Media Village base and also YWAM Muizenberg base. This coming week, Rich Hodge and I are speaking the Father Heart week at YWAM Worcester. Things are starting to open up.

4.) Lausanne. The Lausanne Congress is one if not the most influential Christian gatherings in the world. Made up of most of the top Christian Leaders, they're basically a Christian Think-Tank, that's networking, tracking and assessing the move of God, globally and in all spheres of life. There have only been two Congress' since it's start in 1974 with Billy Graham and his feiends. On October 16, it begins its 3rd Congress will commence, here in Cape Town.

a.) I've been on a team of 4 that's been heading up a Cape Town Global Link site and we've been planning for the past 4 months. We're receiving internet downloads from the actual Lausanne Congress, tracking with Congress sessions and also the round-table discussions. We've targeted younger leaders in the Cape Town area to join together in a time of learning, prayer and inspiration.

b.) I'm also going to be in the Lausanne Congress. Now this is an event that everyone is trying to get to and their mother. Grace, who is a member of Lausanne is flooded with requests from friends in ministry, to try to get them into the Congress. The participation is done via invitation, since seating is limited. Well a few days ago, Grace had a Lausanne Working meeting with some of its other staff and as Grace was sharing of our engagement story and a bit of our journey, to the head of Lausanne Media (Julia), she said that I'd be perfect for a job role, in the Lausanne Media Group, that they've had some difficulty filling. I prayed for a day and decided to take the job, so I'm going to Lausanne 2010 as a Press Officer for Senior Leaders.

5.) Nigeria Celebration. In Grace's culture, before a woman gets married, she's thrown a party by her family called a "Send-Forth" Celebration. There, her family celebrates her and pending marriage. Traditionally, the groom is not invited. Well, since Grace and I are getting married in South Africa, I've been invited by her family to come. So on 29th of October, we'll experience Grace's Send-Forth Celebration. It'll take place in her home village (very rural) and all will be wearing traditional Nigerian wear, even me. It's almost like a prequel to our wedding celebration. Right after the Lausanne Congress, we'll fly to Nigeria on the 25th and help with the preparation and all the traditional protocol involved.

Well, this is a busy month as you can see. Please pray for us, cause with all this, we're planning for the wedding sometime next year. We're close to finalizing a date and will update you all soon. Much love and peace in Jesus name.

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