Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering is Honoring Part 3

Today I drive down to Cape Town and start a new chapter in life. No longer a full-time staff member on the ground at our headquarters in White River, South Africa, I start my journey as an Advocate and musician.
It's insane to think I was part of a team of five that pioneered this thing called Ten Thousand Homes. It's also been hard to let go of Ten Thousand Homes and to trust God will take it where it needs to go. Though difficult, it's necessary.
As I leave the past three and a half years behind, I leave you with a song I wrote "Diamonds in the Dust". It's the first song of the three song EP I've been working on. I will be posting the other two songs soon. Just click the "Music Tab" above and scroll down. You'll know what to do next. Please remember, these songs are still not finished and will be complete mid-2011. Love you all and enjoy.

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