Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebration and Prayers

Hey Everyone,

Here's a bit more of a recent update. Last week, Grace and I were a part of Lausanne's 3rd Congress in Cape Town. Grace is a member of the Younger Leader's Steering Group and was also coMCing the evening sessions. She's a rock star! Issues of the effectiveness of the church and the gospel in this present time, were discussed throughout the week.
I didn't have much time in the sessions, cause I was running around, trying to connect Senior Lausanne Leaders to the media. It was a very tiring job, but had a wonderful time meeting some of the Lausanne's leaders and also some of Grace's friends.
Tonight, I'm actually in the Johannesburg Airport, catching a flight, tomorrow afternoon to Lagos, Nigeria. Grace caught an earlier flight today. We'll be celebrating her "Send-Forth" Celebration, in her home town of Jos. Now normally in this time of celebrating he bride, the groom is not allowed to come at all, but since our circumstances are not normal and that we don't live in Nigeria, her family has invited me and Rich and Lynn (my white parents) to the celebration. Now getting passage into Nigeria can be quite complicated and so Rich and Lynn were denied their visas to Nigeria, so they will not be coming.
I'm not quite sure what the implications of this are, though I'm assuming there are some, but I'm asking everyone to please pray for me this week. Now Grace's family has been amazing with their hospitality and welcoming me into the family, but they're also very traditional. Having my "white parents" stand with me is a significant symbol and so not having them there, will also be significant as well. I haven't had time to chat with Grace so I'm sure the picture will become clearer in the next 24 hours. So again, please pray for me, this week. Please pray for peace, understanding, cultural acceptance and also the insight for everyone to see the beauty in Grace's and my diversity. Pictures will be posted and possibly a video of me dancing with best dancers of Nigeria! For my close friends, pray for that one too! ;)

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