Thursday, September 9, 2010

Remembering is Honoring Part 2

So our first year, was about being the Mbonisweni every day. Months later brought to work with a friend in another community, Kabokwnei. Kabokweni lies right next to Mbonisweni. We thought how great is that! We're not just affecting a town, but starting to affect a whole area.

So as we tolled and labored, loved and sacrificed, laughed and cried, God began to grow in us, a deeper heart for the word "home". Ten Thousand "Homes"; home is a key word for who we are and so He began to expand our understanding of the word "home". We ended up with the phrase..."Home is more than four walls and a roof." Meaning it's more than a building.

Part of our new understanding brought deeper compassion for the older orphans, those that had finished high-school but had no where to go. With schools that have very lax standards, which leads to the youth having very little chance to advance to University, they are left with very few options.

Home adds hope to one's life, home adds options to an orphan's life...we were all missionaries in Youth With a Mission and the University the Nations. Well why not start a campus of the YWAM/University of the Nations for the older orphans, especially those wanting to further their vocation as Christian Ministers. Dreaming that one day this could be a place of spiritual growth combined with practical skills. A place of creativity and humility. A place where change is not an option and place where acceptance is also not an option. So we started University Village.

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