Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amazed: Nigeria Part 2

As we arrived into Abuja, from Jos, we were welcomed by our entourage of friends, family and new friends.
We didn't get to eat dinner, so after we dropped off our bags at Grace's oldest sister (Fula) and her husband's (Mr. B) apartment, we headed out to eat. BBQ was decided as our next destination. We pulled into a dirt parking lot. From the car, we could see the glow of different bbq pits, wooden booths, lawn chairs and tables. As we sat, I felt the excitement and a bit of fear one gets as you're about the enter the realm of Undiscovered Food! For those of you that have traveled and tasted different foods, you know this feeling well.
So then came our dinner; four bread-loaf shaped, tin-foil mounds of food. As each was opened the steaming, silver mysteries, I could barely see across the table from the rush of white smoke, then the smell...amazing!

The menu that night was
1.) Sooya - skewered beef
2.) BBQ chicken
3.) Masa - bread made from rice, grilled
4.) BBQ liver
5.) Yaji Spice - a spicy seasoning that was divine!

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