Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mac Wars

The last two months, I've been in engaging in the Mac Wars. I'm not a fan of war and studied a bit of the Just Wat Theory, but found myself in the rules of engagement, not wanting to wave the white flag. In November of last year, my Mac, for the first time, would not boot up. After sending to an Mac Authorized Shop, I was told that it was a hard drive malfunction. I eventually bought a new Hard Drive and reinstalled all me recovered data, only to engage in this Mac War, battling my Mac in trying to get it to work. So much of my communication is via the internet and to have this Mac is such a blessing.
Well, after two months of battling and 3 hard drives, I'm finally back on for the long haul. I apologize for the halt in communication, especially in my blog posts, as I was in the middle of my Nigeria series.
So I welcome you all back to the continuation of the Nigeria blog series. Love you all!

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