Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amazed: Nigeria Part 1

We landed into Lagos and the heat was stifling. I felt like I was in Cuba or some South American country. You know, in the movies you see me with rolled sleeves, women with hand fans, everyone is sweating and the heat looks so oppressive. We landed in Lagos without any hassles (thank you for everyone that was praying) and got transfer to the Lagos Domestic Terminal with ease. Before we knew it, we were sitting in a air conditioned waiting room, enjoying the last hour of internet access, for the rest of the trip.
Jos is in its dry season and when they say dry, it's Africa dry! In Hausa, the word boong boong, which means dust. The dust was so heavy in the sky that is almost blocked out the sun. Little did we (Rich and I) know, this heat would be just the beginning.

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Andrew York said...

bro... thanks for the updates. Stay cool man.