Monday, March 15, 2010

New Ventures

(Taken from 10KTuesdays)

Eunice Ngwenya joined the TTH team last year after completing her Discipleship Training School. During her outreach to Uganda, she learned how to handcraft beautiful paper necklaces and is now in the process of carving out an almost exclusive chunk of the local market here in South Africa. Three shops have already approached her wanting to sell her necklaces and bracelets and Eunice has pulled together the women around her to help meet the demand. Many of these women are in dire need of an income and Eunice is using this as a unique opportunity to teach both practical and business skills.

necklace by Jen

Creative Action:

Take a dollar bill [real or fake] and carry it around with you all week either in a pocket or a purse. Every time you see it, remind yourself to pray for Eunice and her new venture. Pray for favor with the local businesses and financial blessings to come in fantastic ways!

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