Friday, March 12, 2010

JOS on my mind

On March 7th, early in the morning, bands of Muslims from the Fulani Tribe, entered into towns on the outskirts of Jos, Nigeria, shooting guns in the air, awakening the locals from their beds. As people ran out into the streets, the awaiting Muslims, with machetes in hand, proceeded to kill as many people as possible. Reports have cited from one hundred to over five hundred killed.
Most of the dead were women and children from the Berom tribe. There is speculation that this was a political attack, since the christian leader is of the Berom tribe. All this a continuation of the religious clashes between the Muslims and Christians in Jos in the last year.

The Muslims have been moving into Jos, in the recent past, growing their influence in the social, business and political areas of Jos. Some say that these attacks have been a political move to intimidate the Christian leaders of Jos, outo f office and to eventually place Muslim leaders into political offices, therefore taking over the city of Jos, having complete control of every aspect of life.
Jos, is the city that I will be performing the first concert, next month. As I've been praying over the concert's set list and the direction to take, please pray with me. I'm asking for sensitivity to the Father's broken heart over these violent conflicts, where the value of every man, woman and child has been lost, Christian or Muslim.
I am also attempting to compile visual slides, for the background of the show. I have very limited knowledge on how to go about this, so please pray that I get help, in whatever form necessary. The visuals would be another vehicle for the Father to land with His message to a hurting city.

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