Monday, June 15, 2009


One of the locations on outreach was the YWAM base in Uganda called Hopeland.

We specifically worked with a project of theirs called Orphans Know More. It's a ministry that birthed early on in the pioneering of YWAM Hopeland in the early 80's.

Basically the the staff reached out to the local communities which they found many dying from HIV/Aids. In caring a befriending the sick, many of the dying asked these YWAMers to care for the children left behind. As these YWAMers heard the call to care for the orphans, the numbers grew. Orphans Know More birthed and the model they decided to care for the orphans was not the Orphange model nor the Care Center model which we use. They believe in the family model.

As we visited each family daily, we discovered each family to have at least 15 children. 15 children. Each family trusts God for the finances for food, school fees and everything else under sun needed to care for the family.

We saw miracle after miracle. The more children the families had, the greater the joy flowed from every single child. The greater the needs, the greater the faith. "Blessed are the poor in spirit for they will inherit the kingdom of God."

To visit the Orphans Know More website it's They also have a video ....

Lets continue to engage.

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