Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Power or Ability to Invent

That's the definition of creativity. It originates from the very attributes of God, God the Father, God the Creator. It's inherent in who He is. Something that He's always been, something that will never change. And as the good word says that we are made in His likeness, creativity has become one of mankinds attributes. Lets start with the discovery of fire. Since the dawn of time we should mention the wheel, that has forever changed the movement of people. We have the airplane and the boat, which moves us across limitless possibilities of once impassable terrain on this plant. Lets give it up to Henry Ford for the discovery of the Assembly Line that revolutionized mass production. We also have the fruits of creativity that's bent towards evil. Little Boy, the Atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. 70,000 people killed instantly, 110,000 injured in the blast, and 340,000 people killed from disease resulting from the blast. That's not including the 110,000 people killed in Nagasaki. That's half a millions people from a result of two fruits of mankinds creativity.

Though evil is a constant issue we must encounter on this side of glory. Make no mistake, creativity is from the Father and it's purposes are for love and good. From breathe-taking paintings, to songs that make your body dance, to the artwork of nature's landscapes that supersede any of man's attempts to capture, to systems that even out the scales of wealth to the most needy, to inventions that help spur on life and dreams...this was God's intent, everyone was meant to create and to create for the highest good in all the universe, love. So to all you creators, here's an inspiring video to help along the creative journey....

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hana said...

what men live by... Love.

..this was an interesting video for me today, between re-reading Tolstoy and my sucky creative process. I am just gonna go for a walk... and pop my ego balloon.