Friday, October 10, 2008

MZANSI FO SHO! (South Africa for sure!)

The 2008 YWAM Southern Africa Staff Conference was a hit! From great food (we can thank Trisch, Trudy, YWAM Minnesota, and so many more), to great lectures on Cross-Cultural Communication(Sarah Lanier, you rock!), times of hanging out and good ole fun; we experienced it all with our YWAM family. Living this life for the Father, we become to understand what His original design for mankind was and is. For those that have visited us before, here's the original design for the pool.

We had over 270 people, from over 15 countries represented at the the staff conference. From Cameroon to Germany, YWAM is truly a multi-cultural mission. Since we didn't have building facilities to house everyone, we did the next best, tents! In the two pictures below is a snippet of what we called Tent City! Oh and there were over 100 tents pitched.

Jeremy and I had the honor to help usher in the presence of God through music. With the other worship leaders, the Father moved among us with excitement, honesty and sheer love for Him who gave it all. We had a blast!

In retrospect, it was an honor to serve the servants. Having met many YWAMers that are native to Africa, I experienced a moment that I first encountered last year, when we all first moved here. It was something I almost missed, something that was subtle, yet so powerful. Again, at the conference, talking to these African brothers and sisters, I realized it again...that I was in the midst of Saints. They've chosen a life of sacrifice, no matter what the cost, to live out strong in their quiet devotion to the Lord. On a continent that does not uplift these few, these missionaries, to serve their land, their God, they still continue to give and give and give. My hats off to all these great men and women. It was an honor to get to know some of you; laughing, singing, praying, eating, a slight glance, a smile, a nod hello, a warm greeting, a gentle guys are my heroes. Thank you for welcoming us foreigners onto your land and into your hearts.


David Kim said...

Hey Dave, thanks for sharing your heart and the work that's going on in Africa. Glad you still have that heart of worship (not that anyone could ever take it away). Miss you man.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Looks like your having such an awesome time! you placed yourself in a place to be blessed...

Ruth said...

that pool looks awesome!

wish i were there worshipping with y'all. seriously, looks like a really solid time. :) but, i'll worship God in ann arbor for now.

love you

Ginna said...

I hope there were belly flops happening in that sa-weet pool!!!

susan said...

wow! sounds awesome!! nice to see that you're doing so well. all those tents... geeze!! :)

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