Friday, October 10, 2008

A View Out of the Matrix...Sanity

Well, It's been a week since I've last updated on my blog. My apologies. With the the increased momentum in weekly blog updating, I didn't calculate the large ship of the conference busyness into the weekly update formula. It all came to a screeching halt...for those who know hospitality on a large scale, we served almost 300 people, mostly in tents, with power outages, re-filling drinkable water every 5 hours and bathroom/plumbing issues for the 250 plus guests; serving these men and women who sacrifice so much (some who've given up more than I'll ever know) was tiring, but an honor. On top of this running around, there was leaving grace and space to engage in our guests and some God appointed relationships. I was reminded that it's not a Westerner's "fast ball" when mixing "getting the job done" and engaging in relationships. Good thing the Father is perfect at guiding and leading this thing called life to places of relationships and tasks. Was a good lesson.

Well enough banter about the conference. I'm compiling some conference photos for next week's update. This week's late issue is about a moment on my holiday. Some friends and I spent two nights in the Kruger National Park. We went as far south as possible, stayed a night and then drove as far north as we could (driving 200 miles at 30 mph). We were on the road for 7 hours. On one of our stops, we visited a lookout point in the north. It was located up on a cliff looking out onto a north west section of the Kruger. As I sat there, from the sheer silence on men and the things men have made (instruments of more noise), all you could hear was a slight wind. All you could feel was the heat of the day. All you could see was...possibility, mystery, fear and love. It was that day's window out of the rat race we call the Matrix; the hustle and bustle of task, of a life rhythm that brings no life. This view showed me what was real, what was meant to be. I felt so close, I felt so small, minuscule and yet so important, welcomed and accepted. Like looking into right into those eyes...and an overwhelming peace that started from my head and trickled down to the ends of my toe-nails. I felt like I was home.


chungbajee said...

Dave! you are driving on the wrong side of the car! hehe. It seriously looks amazing though.

Ginna said...

Nice! I'm SO glad the conference went well and I'm envious of the time in Kruger Park. Glad you got some recoup time!

AzNxKeV said...

nice pics

Beelieve said...

im enjoying the pictures and uppdates!!!!! :O)

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