Friday, October 17, 2008

A Ball and a Field.

It was a typical scene in Africa. A cold cloudy morning that hovered over a large, dirt field called Victory Field. There were children gathered around the each goal post, kicking, running, laughing, enjoying one of their most favorite past times past down form generation to generation. There were also the children sitting on the sides of the field, singing, laughing and playing games with each other. Excitement filled the air, much like moisture awaiting the first drops of rain of a down pour. Though the rain held-off, the two communities at play, Hillsview and Mbonsweni, were ready to decide who had the better football (soccer) players, which community would take home the victory, bragging rights, the victory songs and most of all the pride of winning. Unlike a typical scene in Africa, many communities don't have many chances to play each other mainly due to the cost of transport, let alone uniforms. But today, a ball and a field, Victory field, became the place of collision for this rare occasion. At the end of the day, a winner would be decided.
Among the many scenes I encountered at this Ten Thousand Homes/Peace Corps related partnership, such as countless smiles, team chants, shootouts, great dribbling, scoring, quickness of youth, determination to win, boys being boys, girls teasing and flirting, thinking that fitting 15 children in my car was its max and then the next transport run I fit 5 more, one of the most powerful thoughts had to do with my car. During the YWAM Southern Africa Staff Conference, the idea of Cross-Cutlural Communication and doing it well, had a phrase to sum it all up. The phrase was this, "having room at the table for others." Opening of ones heart, life and ultimately culture to another's. As Christ has given us a seat at the banqueting table, it's a place of belonging, a place of acceptance, a place called home. It's were one lays down his/her rights for their neighbor, so that sacrifice brings renewal and strength to others. It's called selflessness. It's called love. Today as the children were waiting to be taken to this momentous day of pride and display of skill and as they were waiting to be taken back home to revel in victory, joy and rest, it wasn't a table that struck me so much. It was a car. As you looked into their eyes, waiting for you to wave your hands to come, as you opened the door, their eyes spoke this, "Do you have space in your car for me, will you take me with you?"
We at Ten Thousand Homes invite you all to come and see these eyes. To give space for you to see and respond, to let them in your life, to help in bringing them home. This invitation goes out to anyone and everyone. We are fighting an orphan crisis that's ravaging the world, creating broken homes, broken dreams and a broken people by the millions. So come on and hang with us. Hang with them. It'll change your life, now that's a promise. We love for friends to come and do this together. Shoot me an email at and lets start the dialog.

"Love is never a wasted deposit" - Rob Morris


Rae Dunn said...

that was very poetic in a way(: im really looking forward to being there! and you never said who won! lol
well hopefully i will see you soon!(:

Jen said...

In case you haven't noticed, I gave you next week's blog post. Check out my blog for details...

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