Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Road, a Guitar and a Slingshot

When my brother, Peter, and I were in elementary school, I came home and found that Peter and his friends had bought slingshots. It was large, had a metal frame, a long yellow rubber tube and an arm rest. I remember being in awe at the arms rest. It looked like something out of the future compared the fashioned wood into a Y-Shaped contraption that so many boys have made in heir backyard. In class, my index, ring finger and a regular rubber-band did the trick. We could make those paper clips fly.
This week I'm preparing to take a road trip to Worcester, South Africa. Worcester is home to one of the many famous vineyards in South Africa. It is also home to the largest YWAM base in South Africa and I think Africa. I've been accepted to attend a leadership course, for young leaders, called Slingshot (www.slingshot21.com). YWAM holds this leadership course once year and this year it's being hosted by YWAM Worcester (110 km from Capetown). Slingshot is derived from the principles of King David's life; that a single person can change/impact the course of history. There will be lots of big named YWAMers there, teaching on different aspects of leadership. This wasn't something that I originally gravitated too, but after getting a recommendation from South Africa's National Director during the YWAM Southern Africa Staff Conference, talking it over with my friends and leaders here at YWAM Kruger, and a nagging thought in my head/heart, I could not doubt that the Lord wanted me there.
So I am leaving Thursday morning, with my friend Benjamin, to drive 18-20 hours to Worcester. I'll be there for three weeks in which I'll be staying off campus at a friend's house. They're YWAMers and they own a home next to the YWAM Worcester base. The kingdom is truly one of relationships and I'm very excited for what else the Father has for me there.
So I ask for prayer in travels (no tire blowouts) and a sensitivity to the Spirit's leading with whom I meet.

Ok here are some pics from the Soccer Day.


Kristy said...

DAVID...you have a blog?? You need to keep it updated more!! LOL!!

I have a blog too, and love it! I think I am going to bookmark your blog and keep reading..so that means...you have to keep updating!

It was great to meet you and get to know you..you are great! Make sure you take care of your spider bite and keep in touch brother!

Love ya!

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