Thursday, March 1, 2012

Start of a Dream...

Almost 14 years ago, as I was leading two worship bands and various other ministries, a growing discontent started to become visible to me.  How much of my musical gifting was reaching the lost?  At that time I had been this gift within the walls of the church.  Now please don't get me wrong, this is a much needed thing.  But was I called to just the walls of the church?  I think everyone is called to be a light, especially where this light is dim or lost.  So I embarked on a personal journey to become a musician.
Honestly, I felt that many friends of mine did not understand this choice and the actions that followed.  As a well-respected worship leader in my church circles, I stepped into new and bigger territory.  There were some wilderness times, as there always are.  Began to writ songs that I liked, finding my voice.  Managed to rally some friends and a band.  Did some touring in the US but then was lead to go to South Africa.  Helped pioneer a Orphan NGO and now, in 2012, this band, has emerged.
Tomorrow we're taking the first steps into this old dream I've held onto and pursued.  Even when so people did not understand, one must follow through on one's convictions.
Tomorrow we launch this band with a Family&Friends Concert.  It's to honor all those that have supported us along to way.  It's looking deep within and realizing all the encouragement, big and small, have played a significant role in each step of this journey.
So this one goes out to you.  I could not have come this far without you.  Thank you for sticking by me and not giving up on me.
The show starts 6:30pm at the Muizenberg Pavillion (Community Center) tomorrow night.  For those from afar, please catch our online stream of the show on our website
One of the beautiful ways to which the Father leads us is through our passions.  Quite simply it enables us to live in a manor above the status quo and to love doing it.  I know when I started this blog many of you might have thought I'm the orphan guy, or some remember me as the worship guy or the preacher guy.  I'm still all that, but in this season I'm the Static Run guy.  Come and watch and see what is unfolding with our show, with the music.  It's a worship time, but with a twist.

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