Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phase 3

Well, we've launched the band, Static Run and we've broken into our 3rd phase of the band.  The practice/creating time is over, the rehearsing for the show is also over.  Now we're into playing out and getting gigs.
A little bit on our first gig at the Barleycorn Music Club...we had some Static Run fans there!  Shout out to you guys!  The Barleycorn is set up as a Singer/Songwriters Venue, so as you can see from the pictures in the previous post, the stage is small.  Also, the room isn't terribly big, so we had to tailor our sound a bit...basically lower our volumes.
But we had a great time!  We also had some great feedback from fans that stayed after the show.  Also the Barleycorn music board, where discussing to see if there was a possibility to get us in their annual Music Festival, which was the following weekend.  We did not play in the Festival, but encouraged that they were impressed and are looking forward to next years Festival.
So at the moment, we've taken a little hiatus, cause I've been teaching at YWAM bases in South Africa.  Last week Grace and I were teaching at YWAM Worcester, this week I'm at YWAM Drakensberg (Grace is teaching at YWAM Media Village) and next week we're both teaching at YWAM Muizenberg. 
We are currently looking into playing that Zulu Bar (http://www.zulabar.co.za/), here on Long Street, Capetown.  If you've ever been to Capetown, you know Long Street.  Its one of the main hubs for clubs and nightlife here in Capetown.  We're also inquiring about The Assembly in District 6 (http://www.safarinow.com/destinations/district-six/BarsNightclubs/The-Assembly.aspx) which is another big, live, rock scene here in Ctown.
Ok, well that's it for now.  Gotta run and teach class.  More to come!

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