Monday, March 5, 2012

First GIG, Tonight!

Tonight, the band will be playing at the Barleycorn Music Club.  It's out first gig, outside of the Family & Friends Show.  Thanks to all those that watched the online stream.  We had an overwhelming amount of support and over 300 people attended the show.

We're especially excited about tonight's gig at the Barleycorn Club cause it begins what we set out to be.  A band bringing entertaining and uplifting tunes to people that are hungry for it.

Here's some history: Barleycorn’s principal function is to promote & present the best local, original music. Over the years, the Barleycorn has played a role in the musical careers of a number of now household names. David Kramer recorded his first album 'Bakgat' at the club in 1980 and others who've enjoyed our support include Amapondo, Flat Stanley, Freshly Ground, Steve Newman & Tony Cox amongst a very long list!

Tonight is where we really test the waters and see how close we are to the mark.  Tonight is where we get to see what the band, and as we love to say, "Jehovah Sneaky" are up to.
So for those that are in the area, come on down to the club.  You can find the directions for the club on their website,, under the directions link.  For those afar, we won't be live streaming this show, but please lift up the time in prayer, that spirit of the night will be of love, healing and celebration!

We're looking for the "in-roads" into the South African music scene and this one was opened to us via Gary, our producer for our single "I'm Alive", which we recorded the weekend before the Family & Friend's Show.  It just highlights the unexpected/surprises we find along this journey of faith.

Well, more updates and pictures to come.  Love you and I could not have come this far without your support.  You guys are amazing!

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