Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Time to Honor

Our First Show!

About a month ago, as the summer holiday ended and the all the band members came back to South Africa, we decided to put together a show to homor out family and friends.  We know how much our family and friends have played an integral role in each member of the bands journey to get to this point. 
So we found a venue and booked it.  MARCH 2 Family & Friends Show!!!  We’ve also hired a lighting and sound team.  One we are blessed with, cause they usually do large and popular artists that come through South Africa.  We’re also blessed to have our friends in media that will be filming the night.  With that, we’re going to stream the concert online (more info to come), so that our family and friends back in different time zones can be a part of this.
We’re working day and night with so many aspects of the show.  I love you all and thank you for your love and support in this journey.  More updates will be coming!


JC said...

Rock on :)

Soowook said...

Great to hear. Keep it up!!!!

Ruthie said...

super excited!! can't wait to hear about how we can watch online!!