Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Maximize Missions?

In the fast-paced, end of the year, I realized that I hadn't explained, how Maximize Missions became an idea turned to reality.

Transitioning out of Ten Thousand Homes, one piece I knew I would take with me was the Orphan Crisis; that no matter where I am in the world, I would be involved, intentionally, with fighting the Orphan Crisis.
At first the possibilities seemed endless.  Grace and I, in preparation to our wedding and also after we came back from our honeymoon bliss, were meeting individuals and groups of people that were somehow involved with orphans and the empowerment of the vulnerable and disenfranchised.  Most to which included orphan work.   Scores of people would walk up to us and say that they needed to have a meeting. 
Among the divine appointments, I would be asking myself the our Father, "Do you want me to join these people, this cause?"  All to which there was a "no".
Finally after months of processing with Grace, mentors and the Father, it dawned on us.  Actually through my wife (She's got a a larger spiritual antenna than I do).
Creating an advocacy group, to not help just one of these noble causes/NGO's, but creating opportunities to aid those in need, opportunities to aid those serving by creating opportunities to aid those wanting to serve.

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