Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Trip Overview

So many of you know that our recent trip was one of faith and trust, down to the 11th hour. Trips are always like that, involving steps taken to which the outcome is not clear, but for Grace and I there were two things different this time. One, we were doing this together, as a married couple and two, that this was the most challenging faith lesson we had, in regards to travel. Some tests, the answer arrives in one felt sweep. Some tests, the answers don't seem to come at all (I'm still waiting for some). This test, the answers came bit by bit.
Through it all, the Father showed himself faithful and loving as always. Here's just a bit of an over view of His faithfulness by highlighting all the cities we traveled to. Over half of these cities were a surprise. He is the God of Surprises!

Brooklyn, USA

@ the Kim's, our Brooklyn

Boston, USA

@ dinner with Grace and the
Younger Leaders Team for the
Lausanne Movement

Burtigny, Switzerland

@ the YWAM Burtigny base
having the awesome Raclette
Cheese dinner with the
Slingshot staff

Geneva, Switzerland

@ the United Nations
HQ Building

Lyon, France

@the Terreaux Fountain with
friends from Slingshot

Lausanne, Switzerland

@the Youth with a
Mission Lausanne Base

Montreux, Switzerland

@the world-famous Montreux
Jazz Festival

Bern, Switzerland

@ the city of "the Bear"
with our good friend

Winterthur, Switzerland

Our favorite family
in Switzerland, the

Zurich, Switzerland

@ Lake Zurich double
date day

New Jersey, USA

@ dinner with our NJ hosts,
the Yoos

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

@ the Mediterranean Tent at
the Festival Mall

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