Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Surprises

When Grace and I arrived back to the US from our time at the YWAM Leadership event, Slingshot, in Switzerland, I went to go see my father two days after we landed. On that visit, after talking about his health and the news of this second opinion for therapy to be the course of his recovery, he asked me if he could see Grace.

So on this past Monday, Grace and I met my dad for lunch. It had been a moment we have been praying for. Many of you have been praying for, thank you. It was a sweet moment of father meeting his new daughter. It definitely brought healing to our hearts. Here are a couple photos.


hana said...

So happy for him...! Hallelujah.

Lindsey said...

Wow that's huge. Thank you Jesus!

purple said...

just read this! that's awesome david! so glad that your dad met grace. yeah!