Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looking Back - Global Link

Here's an update from the Lausanne Cape Town Global Link


One of my first projects in Cape Town was to help host the Cape Town Global Link for the Lausanne 2010 Congress. Lausanne is an idea that was birthed from Billy Graham in 1966 to globally unite evangelicals for the purpose of evangelizing the world. Since then, Lausanne has become a global movement of church/missions leaders that have been working together for the purpose of world evangelization.

Since it's beginning, there have been partnerships, working groups and think tanks assembled which have synergized to the Lausanne Congress'. So since 1974 there have been only three Congress' and Cape Town has been its third.

Though the Cape Town Congress was the most diverse Congress, Lausanne tried something new, to reach more and more people through technology and so they devised the Global Link. Basically it's using the internet to stream the content of the Lausanne Congress to groups that couldn't make it to Cape Town.

So we were one among the six hundred plus groups around the world. Our Global Link ran in parallel from the actual Congress and we were just fifteen minutes from the Convention Center where the Congress was being held. That was convenient for me, since I was a member of the Lausanne Media Group (Liaison for the Senior Lausanne Leaders to the Media).

Our Global Link participants represented a nice array of young leaders from the 'white churches' to young leaders from the 'colored churches' all from the Cape Town area. We have a couple of young leaders that flew in for the event. All this added nicely to diverse conversations in regards to the issues of world evangelism provided by the Lausanne Congress. It was a beautiful time of Unity within Diversity. We also hosted a Worship night to further push into our Unity within Diversity, having worship bands representing the diversity of South Africa. A number of young leaders from Lausanne joined us and many shared what God has been doing in there part of the globe.

GLink Worship Night

GLink mic perspective

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