Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to South Africa

Hello Everyone,

My apologies to so many of you, that I didn't get to see during my time here in the US. My schedule was so packed, I had about 3 days total, of rest and relaxation.
As I start to process this trip, the first amazing characteristic of this trip was SURPRISES! I had so many surprises, one right after the other, it just makes me honor and respect our Father even more. Fro example, I walked into a church, which I hadn't been to in eight years. I walk in and I meet one of it's leaders, to which he's been having vivid dreams of Africa and orphans, the past 2 months and here I am, speaking about Ten Thousand Homes and our orphan work. We're currently praying and talking on how this church can get involved with the Orphan Crisis, exciting!

I met a youth leader at a Reformed Church of America Denomination Youth Conference as I was there a seminar speaker. After chatting a bit, it turns out that he's coming to South Africa for the Lausanne Movements (www.lausanne.org) 3rd Congress on World Evangelism in Cape Town. With Grace, my girlfriend, as a member of the Lausanne Younger Leaders Group and I being one of the coordinators for a Lausanne Congress Global Link site (http://www.lausanne.org/cape-town-2010/globalink.html), it was interesting to meet this young man in New York, and that we'll be seeing each other in October, later this year.
Overall, with the move to Cape Town and the transitioning from the day-to-day work on Ten Thousand Homes to the Music and Advocacy of Ten Thousand Homes in Cape Town, God has been telling me by showing me love and care, especially through my friendships, old and new. Thank you everyone, for your love and support, the wonderful conversations we had, the new and exciting ones to come.
I might be back in the NYC area in December but I will keep you all updated. Love you guys and bless you. Oh and here's a pic of me and my three year old nephew Zach.

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