Monday, June 21, 2010

Kyros Moment

Tomorrow, in the FIFA 2010 World Cup, the South Korean National Football Team will be playing the Nigerian National Football Team.

When Grace, my Nigerian girlfriend, and I started dating, we thought how strange a combination, a Korean-American man with a Nigerian woman. Through a little research, Grace discovered that this combination of a Asian male and a African female is pretty rare. As we don't believe in a randomness to the Universe, but that logic leads to a Creator, creating with the highest good and love in mind for all creation, this logic points to intentional purpose.

Grace and I were having dinner with some friends of ours, last November. That night was the drawing for the teams for the FIFA 2010 World Cup and as we chatted with friends, under the stars, with a tv playing just a few feet away, the announcement came for Nigeria and South Korea to play on June 22, in Durban. My mouth dropped.

There is a term that Grace introduced me to, Kyros Moment. A Kyros Moment " has to do with crucial time, or a decisive moment, a pivotal point in history". We maybe more familiar with a term related to "missing the boat".

So today, is the day before the game and Grace and I are here, in Durban, to see the match. I've thought, could this be coincidence? Could this be chance? What are the odds? Well, we're not missing this boat. I can't quite figure it all out, but I can say with a thankful heart, thank you God.

As you read this, I hope you see and step into your Kyros Moments today. Oh and I hope you can see us stepping into our Kyros Moment, on tv. We're gonna try to catch the camer-mans attention!

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chungbajee said...

Wow - love this story. i'll be looking for you two on the TELE! I wish I had a news person friend, because I would definitely submit your story to be shown as a pre-nigeria vs s korea game features piece!!! Hmm I am racking my brain as we speak to think of someone who works for the newspapers!!!