Thursday, June 10, 2010

Compassion DTS Comes to an End

Another year, another school finished. We wanted to offer the older orphans an outlet/ tools to be equipped, especially with a heart to follow God and maybe even a vocation as a missionary. Youth With a Mission seemed logical.

This was our third school. Three years ago we had 8 students. Following year was 5. This year it was 15. Inquiries for our next Compassion Discipleship Training School are growing every day.

How special is an experience like this? Here are the STATISTICS.

World Population = 6,690,000,000
Young Adults Worldwide = 1,630,000,000 (24% of the world is young adults)
Tertiaty Students Worlwide = 152,500,000 (10% of young adults, continuing study )
New YWAMers Annually = 25,000 (0.0015% of young adults experience YWAM)

1 in every 65,200 young adults experience YWAM. I'd say that's unique.

Our responsibility is in direct proportion to our experience.

This is no light responsibility, to care for the orphan and the widow.

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chungbajee said...

I am only 1 person within 6,690,000,000 people of this world. That amazes me.