Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Steps in Cape Town

Hey Everyone,

Well I'm writing to you from Cape Town. This week, I've arranged with some musicians to record backtracks for the rock concert in Nigeria, later in April. It's not my first choice but a good one, considering the challenges of available resources, people, money, time, etc.
So this is an exciting step into the dreams of calling for life in 2010, for me. During the fighting of the night I was burglarized, there was a moment I fell to the ground, after being kicked in the head. I was kicked so hard that my immediate thought, 3amish, lying on my porch, just wearing boxers, was to give up. I wanted to just lie there and do nothing. But immediately, I felt such a strong prompting audibly, to "Get Up!", and so I did.
So as I've been preparing for the recording session this weekend, working through s sore shoulder, the emotional and spiritual baggage of the burglary, I've felt such a sense to "Get Up"! The best I can describe it now is a Divine prodding from the Father. Though parts of me want to stop, rest, sulk, stay where I am, I know the Father wants to heal, move, extend, love...even resting is a place of movement, greater revelation, going deeper; whether physical, emotional or spiritual.
Yesterday as I was traveling to Cape Town, I took a shuttle from our town to Johannesburg, where I caught a flight to CTown. On the shuttle ride, we made our first stop in Pretoria, 20 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport. At that stop, one of the passengers had taken my suitcase. I my suitcase was some of my electric guitar gear that I need for this weekend. The most pressing piece of equipment is a power supply cable for my electric guitar pedals. This cable is essential because the voltage for my pedals is 120 Volts and not 220 Volts, which is the standard here in South Africa.
Basically I'm asking for a prayer covering for this weekend. Actually we're practicing tonight and tomorrow evening. We will be recording Friday and Saturday, all day. With the recent decision to take this step of faith in my life (blog post: Plans for 2010) I've been met with some unusual obstacles such as the break-in and this mix up with suitcases. Her suitcase is black, mine is teal. So again, I'm asking for people to join me actively fighting with in the Spiritual Realm for the enemy is not going to sit down and let the Father's children bring light to shine out the darkness.
I love you all and it brings me to tears, each time I sit and think of you all, that have supported and continue to support the Father's dreams within me. Oh and for those interested the time difference from Ctown and the East Coast is 7 hours. Practices will start at 11am, Eastern time. Recording will start on Friday, 11am, Eastern time and Saturday, 1am, Eastern time but will be all day. Thank you everyone!


Brittany Deniston said...

Sucks about the suitcase praying for you

stardusx said...

praying for you, david. <3

James said...

Get up and press onward my friend :)

Anonymous said...

it's exciting to read about all the great plans God has in stored for you especially in this new year!...sorry for all the spiritual warfare but it goes to show you are following in His steps...keep fighting in the have brothers and sisters praying for you! woot woot!!

Lindsey Kaufman said...

I am so excited to see you stepping out and following the dreams God has for you. The concert in Nigeria sounds like an amazing opportunity for you!