Thursday, February 4, 2010

Counting the Cost

Hello Friends. I have some urgent news to share with you. On February 2nd, at about 3am, two men broke into my house. I was very groggy from being asleep so when they woke me up, it all seemed like a dream. They stood over me, while I was lying in bed and urged me to get up. One of them did speak this in English. So I got up as they were walking me out of the house. Again, I was so disoriented that they seemed like security guards or military by looking at what they wore. As we were walking out of the house, one of them took my wrist and proceeded to zip tie my hands. At that moment, I knew something very wrong was going on. We stepped out of my house and I proceeded to fight the two intruders.

Now the fight is a bit hazy to me, but it lasted about 5 minutes. All the while as we fought, I was screaming for help to wake up my friends and staff that live on our property. They fled on foot as my friends started to come out of their homes.

I was taken to the hospital and had xrays taken on my chest and head. During the fight, I was kicked in the head a few times and was worried that I might’ve suffered a concussion. The first time I was kicked in the head I fell hard on my right shoulder. The xrays revealed no broken bones or a concussion.

Break-ins and violence are an unfortunate part of South Africa. It is a regular occurrence in this nation. I and the rest of the staff know many friends that have been broken into and sometimes some have met with a violent outcome. When we first moved here, three years ago, we were told of these stories and then we had to count the cost of God’s call in our lives. Living in a broken world is not a new concept. It’s the very reason Christ walked among us, lived, died and rose again.

I am informing you all so that you can join us in prayer. Whenever the enemy attacks, he seems to over-play his cards. We are ministry and people called to bring compassion and love to the least of these. The enemy is trying to gain a foothold with fear and self-preservation, the exact opposite of what we are called to do, born to do.

So friends, please keep us in our prayers. Currently our Compassion DTS is starting its third week, so pray that they may continue to engage in the lecture phase and live in Christ’s love and trust. We also have two outreach teams from other YWAM bases. Pray that they may not give in to fear and suspicion and love the orphans and all the people they meet. Pray for our staff, for this is a violation of our home and can be tempted to give the enemy a foothold of fear and cynicism to our Father’s protection. Please pray that we may act in the opposite spirit and love even more, give even more and trust the Father even more. Lastly, please pray for me and that I may process this ordeal with wisdom and love. Since the incident, even as I was being driven to the hospital, I felt the Father speak to me to guard my head and heart. I’ve also been sensing that with m new plans for 2010 (written in my previous post) the enemy is trying to come in and steal, kill and destroy. I’ve been extending forgiveness to these two men and asking God to guard my dreams at night. With the support of my friends here and my mentors, I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded with family. I’m currently staying at a friend’s compound 20 minutes from our property. I’m resting my body and heart. If you have any questions, thoughts or prayers, please feel free email me at Love you all.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry this happened to you...i'm glad to read that you're safe and that you don't have major physical damage...i'm also glad to read that you are keeping the right mindset of lifting it up to our Father and not losing focus...i will most definitely keep you and your staff in prayer

David said...


Praise God you're okay. You are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...


I had heard what happened to you from my sister (Keri). I am glad that you are ok, and I pray daily for all of your safety. A friend of mine described the people working with my sister as "angels on Earth" doing the work that so many of us could or would not do. I commend you for that, and I thank God that you are physically ok and that your will and conviction remains strong.

euna said...

keeping you in prayer, Bro! Keep fighting the fight! Euna

James said...

Sorry haven't been keeping up with your blogs but WOW. God is good is keeping you safe especially with no fractures and only a mild concussion from what I can gather. Will keep you in prayer as I know on 2-3 instances the enemy lurks and strikes those in pastoral/mission fields and the enemy is SCARED!!! God bless :)

ry said...

song... love ya man and proud of you. i'm so thankful you that your xrays were ok. i'll be praying for you friend.

AzNxKeV said...

glad ur okay =)