Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Ahead in 2010

Hello Everyone,

2010 is a new year with many new plans, hopes and dreams! As many of you know, last year was a year of much physical travel, with God expanding on my personal boundaries and vision:

Cape Town

Whether it was seeing Jesus while teaching in a classroom in Hawaii, driving through the Kruger Park, speaking of Jesus to women desperate to quite there lives as street women, laughing with children, leading a time to dance for a church in Uganda, or thanking God to be able to help a friend experience the ocean for the first time in his life, I've been left speechless, even as I type this, sensing that His plans are huge...

In November of 2008, the Lord lead me to a YWAM Leadership School called Slingshot. One night, we sat in front of the cross, asking the Father what we must surrender. I asked and the Father spoke...to give up leading from behind the scenes. It was time to step forward and lead in front. As I've pondered this meaning and have started to take smaller steps of faith that have lead to bigger steps of faith, I find myself here, at the beginning of 2010. So here the plans for 2010.

1.) Pursuing my Music Career. This dream has always been a part of me, to take my song writing and music creating to a professional level. To create a space for God to move in the hearts of people, everyone of His creation, whether they know Him or not.

I've been invited to Nigeria, to headline a concert in the city of Jos. Some YWAM friends of mine are organizing this in the first weeks of April. The venue will hold 500 people and I've been told that it will be a packed house. Also, on this trip, I will have the opportunity to be on some radio and tv spots, to talk about my music and my experience as a Christian Musician. Also, I will be giving a seminar on creativity, song-writing and character in being a Christian Musician to Nigerian Musicians. There are so many different levels to further the Kingdom!

In June I'm planning to move to Cape Town, to place myself in a setting that's more conducive to rock music. Cape Town has one of the largest, if not the largest, music scene in South Africa. With bands like the Parlotones, that are based in Cape Town, the scene is ripe and thriving with rock n roll. The plan is to assemble a band and get to the people and bring them music that is alive and that moves the soul for more than the mundane of the everyday, for God.

2.) So I guess the big question is Am I Leaving Ten Thousand Homes? I AM NOT LEAVING TEN THOUSAND HOMES. Having been one of its pioneers and forever changed, and still being changed, for caring for the orphans a widows, i must continue to call to engage in fighting against the HIV/Aids pandemic.

My new role with Ten Thousand Homes will be an Advocate of Ten Thousand Homes in Cape Town. I will be the first official Ten Thousand Homes Advocate in South Africa, creating raise awareness and opportunities for South Africans to respond to South Africans. Advocacy would be done through speaking at church services, college campus groups, dinner parties, and at rock shows.

3.) One of the main reasons I am moving to Cape Town is to continues to pursue my relationship with my girlfriend, Grace Samson. We've been dating, long-distance, for almost a year now and as we've taken steps closer to one another and our Father, in prayer and discussion, we've decided that the next step would be to date in close proximity to one another. I've specificially heard from the Father that it's my responsibility as the man to make the first step, to risk first. It's amazing how the Father's plan is working together for the good of all things; life, romance, career, dreams, etc. "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Psalm 16:6

4.) SEMINARY. About ten years ago, while in a couples seminar at a church in Virginia Beach, our Father unexpectedly dropped into my head the thought that He wants me to attend seminary. I was so elated, cause at that time in my life, I was struggling in college and studying computers was not a passion. Ministry, people, God and helping others was my passion and so I said "Great!!! God's told me to go to Seminary. I don't have to finish undergrad!" Many of my friends that were there had a good laugh, but my smile turned into a frown, as they broke the news to me..."Dave, Seminary is Graduate School...you have finish your undergraduate studies first." As I look back it definitely sounds like God, wanting his son to finish. Finishing is so important. So, ten years later and with a BS in Computer Science under my belt, I'm embarking on Bethel Seminary in Minnesota via internet classes. After much prayers and discussion with peoples and the Father, I've decided to first pursue my Masters in Divinity.

Well, that's it. 2010 is an exciting year and there is much going on. With all this going on, I've also hired a Life Coach in faith. For those of you that don't know, a Life Coach is someone who helps you process your thoughts and goals and then helps you reach those goals. They don't tell you what those thoughts and goals are. In one sense, they're trained to ask you really great questions.

On the subject of questions, if you have any, please feel more than free to ask me. Email at davidsong@tenthousandhomes.org.

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Grace said...

For a moment, i thought to myself "who is this person?" Your zeal, commitment and readiness is refreshing to read. OMG! Nothing can hinder you, He is on YOUR side :)