Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Improv

So I'm reminded of my birthday party last month. My friends and I gathered for food and a night of Improv. We played various games of Improv as we all learned the art of Improv. Number one rule, go with it. Trying to think of something clever along the way is pretty futile. I found it that as you jump into the moment, almost by instinct, it helps create more room for the drawing of the deep well of creativity.
It's like almost a hidden thing...there were scenes of people laying on the ground in pain from having fell, then flash to a delivery room, lying on a gurney, legs spread, about to give birth...from someone being dazed and confused in an intense argument to being a giraffe in a safari...and of course someone being beaten on the floor...it was two siblings replaying some of their childhood realities.
All throughout the night, the thought of being so surprised from some of my friends..."I never thought they had it in them."
As we take more steps to live by the Spirit, almost like Improv in real-life, the more surprised we will be at God and ourselves. I recently read an article about Improv and it states that Improv is best done when a group of people commit to not one rule. The one rule is "to go with it." As soon as someone acts something out, puts something out there, the rule is to go with it, no matter how outrageous. The moment you go against it, the energy drops in the room as people are scrambling to find new direction.
As I've been journeying this year, with a new vision, new path, a real newness to life, my desire is to live ever-more closer to the Spirit of God; as He sparks off certain scenarios or even encountering the tragic scenarios, like the break-in, it's to roll with it, keep moving forward in hope and love. The amazing thing with Improv with God is that He tells us..."I knew you had it in you!"

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Beelieve said...

Where is like "like" button? I was reading this and it made me laugh... :) good deep stuff.