Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey, so there hasn't been some updates in awhile. Let me give you a quick rundown. Hosted more teams, here in South Africa, house built (YWAM Orlando team), toilet and jungle gym built (YWAM Worcester team), increased numbers in our feeding scheme in both community projects (Kabokweni and Embonsweni), 2nd Compassion DTS ( almost complete. On a personal note; a cold, diarrhea, dehydration, diarrhea again (getting tired of that....literally), moved into my new house, exterminated an ant infestation in my house, and many small adventures along the way.
Well, so we're into the last week of or Compassion Discipleship Training School and we're gearing up for outreach. I've been asked to co-lead the outreach team to which I've said yes. On April 6th to 20th, we're heading into Maputo, Mozambique, to work with various orphan ministries and also with a start-up YWAM base. This will involve working with children in the streets and some start-up work in helping the YWAM base get started. We travel back to Whiteriver on the 20th and on April 22nd to May 26th, we'll be in Southern Uganda, working with YWAM Uganda, in which we will be working with more orphans and vulnerable children. As we've sought out the Father, we've gotten the Parable of the Prodigal Son. We'll be focusing on the son coming home and the party he receives...fatten calf and all. Now, we're working through games, food, skits, surrounding the idea of coming home and the joy which we experience as we sit at the Father's table, in our chair, our rightful place. For the fatten calf, we're thinking a massive pinata in the shape of a cow.
Hey, so please keep us in your prayers. 1.) Health: many of us have been sick with the big "D" and colds/flu with the weather getting cooler. 2.) Finances: not all the students have their outreach fees and we specifically need their airfare money ($500 US) by tomorrow. You can also pray for the rest of their outreach fees ($1500 US). 3.) Following Faithfully: though we've got our plans, the Father may change plans or our plans might be off, so please pray that we may follow His Spirit at all times. 4.) Protection/Spiritual Warfare: We live in a time and space where the battle is not of flesh and blood but of the realm of spirit. Please pray that we have eyes to really see what is happening before us and to live and breathe the authority the Father has given us. Also please pray for protection from the schemes of the enemy.

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