Sunday, April 20, 2008

Up at 2:03am Writing an Update

Hey Everyone. It's been awhile. My good friends know that I'm not the best at regular correspondence. This has been a frequent point of conversation with some of my oldest and dearest friends (Hungry Hefers and the rest of the Cherry Hill crew), but what also has been fact is that every time we get together, it's like joining in again on the chorus of laughter that we left behind. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! My dad has been home for almost four weeks and he's doing so much better. At first, he was barely walking on his own, though the two weeks of Rehabilitaion were good for him, he was in such rough shape weighing in at one hundred pounds. My mom and I recently commented on how fast he's been walking and getting around. He also gained seven pounds, last week, so he is at 116 pounds! So now the target is about ten to fifteen more pounds. Yes, so the prayers for more sh*t have been amazing!!! Please don't stop.

The next three to six months is the critical phase, we were told, for transplant patients. It's the time frame where the percentage of organ rejection is the highest. So as the sign of healthy kidney function is regular urination, I'm also asking for prayers for not only more sh*t but more p*ss. My dad has had a visiting nurse and physical therapist, three times a week. We also have regular hospital visits at least once a week. It's a busy schedule. Please also pray for my mother. Through her determination and resolve, she has shown me more of what is at the core of love, sacrifice, but she is very tired. Please pray that she would continue to find more rest and life in her times with the Father and her family.

So things have been going well as we continue on the road to recovery. As my father has been getting better, I've been talking with my Ten Thousand Homes family in South Africa and have made the decision to return to South Africa on May 6th. The season for 10KHomes has been one of new beginnings consisting of new relational avenues to care for the orphans in and out of South Africa, the start of out first Discipleship Training School, new staff (we've more than doubled in size), and a move onto a new property. We've also launched our Ten Thousand Homes offices here in the states. With all this change, the beginning of May will entail some foundational meetings in SA, which I cannot miss. I've missed so much.

So as I prepare to leave, I plan to meet up with as many people as possible. I have to say that leaving is not easy. God, like the schemer He is, has been using my father's crisis as a time to continue the healing within our family. It's been such a precious time that I didn't expect, but have been yearning for so long. It's been real nice to hear laughter in our home. My parents and I were driving home from dinner, one evening. They were sitting in the back seat as I was driving. I was lost in some of my own thoughts/reflections of my time home but something pulled me away, and then I heard it. It came from the back seat, the giggling and laughter between a husband and wife. My heart melted and my eyes filled with tears. I began to weep in the midst of their laughter. Isn't that like Jesus...He turned Death into Gardener. He's turning our sorrow into laughter. I want to thank you again, for your support. Without the prayers, financial gifts and especially your friendship, all this could not have been possible. I've finished up a book in which the author states that God is everywhere. We just need eyes to see Him everywhere. Every circumstance, every situation, every ripped seam, every broken bone, in every tear, in every scream. Everyday, everywhere, Jesus is there. Being an orphan just doesn't mean having your parents pass onto death. Being an orphan is one that is disconnected from knowing, from seeing that we are loved as we are. That this love never runs or hides, or goes on break. This love fights for me and you, always. I hope to see you very soon. I love you all.


jeremy price said...

like the graphic on the pic of masoyi! the line! see you in a couple wks.

David Kim said...

Dave, that's fantastic that your dad's doing better. It seems the Lord isn't done with him yet. He sure speaks through the craziest and most random situations, though. Hang in there bro, I'm praying for ya.

Beelieve said...

:O) hey dave! KIT in keep us all updated! Im finally done with school woooo hooo.... It was fun hanging out! Thanks for all ur advice and for ur listening ear! I pray that you will continue to find rest in God and also the strength you need.

<3 bel