Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Bridge to Walk on: By Dan Johns

I sit here with the enjoyable task to writing about a friend. A friend named Dave. Who is Dave? Well yes, he is Korean, but besides that, who is he?
As I have come to know Dave and develop a friendship with him, I have come too see a gentle man who trusts God. It’s that simple. Within the mess of the world, Africa, organizations, and life, Dave continues to be gentle and to trust God.
On many occasions, Dave and I have talked about his role in Africa and where he sees himself fitting in to this continent of at times hopelessness and yet amazing beauty. Dave has explained to me that he is a bridge. He has come to realize that God has called him to be a bridge for people in Africa and the west to connect. He realizes his calling and even around the pain and suffering and the struggle around him, he does not waver from what God has called him to do. He understands the important of being a guide for this continent. Being a person who can expose the west to a place of where there is poverty, orphans, and widows; A place where Jesus lives.
Throughout the past months, a lot has change in Dave’s relationship with Africa. There have been organizational misunderstanding, times of growth, times of contemplation, and times of pain. However, through it all, through all of the mess, Dave is still here. A lot of people would, and have been fed up of how Africa can sometimes work, or not work. However, Dave will not give in.
When it comes down to it, it’s about listening to the people here. Listening to what they need and holding their hand as THEY achieve it. Dave realizes that he cannot let go of that hand. Even within this beautiful mess, Dave will continue to fight for what God has called him to do. He will continue to be that bridge while Africa and the rest of the world walk over it.

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