Sunday, May 8, 2011


For those of you on Facebook (which I imagine all of you), you might've noticed my status on Saturday saying "this is a painting kind of Saturday". I was painting some furniture that Grace and I had bought for our new home. The first item was a Dressing Table and a Coffee Table. Both are in good shape but with some sanding and painting they could look amazing, so they became my project this past weekend and the outcome is amazing. The coffee table looks absolutely new.

So that was my project this weekend. For Grace, she's been working on a different project all together. She's been in Nigeria, this past week, shooting a film. Grace and her older sister (second oldest) Anne, have started an organization called MeCAHT. MeCAHT stands for Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking.

They had this dream, years ago, to help educate fellow Nigerians, especially from the rural areas, because 80% percent of the African prostitutes you see in the West are from rural villages in Nigeria. Apparently these girls are sold for a "brighter future", a lie used globally. Meeting scores of Nigerian woman walking the winter streets of Copenhagen and you find yourself thinking, this is not normal.
So they wrote a movie that would be a feature film with an educative bent towards it and they would target Nigeria and especially the rural villages, so as to expose light onto the lies to spur on more action.
After much rejection from potential partners and a shelving of the project, years later, the project was resurrected. Partners from Denmark were confirmed, seed money given and now the project is taking off. With this international support, project partners that once rejected them are happily wanting to get on board.
Shooting began on this past Monday and it will continue for some time. I'm so proud of Grace.
I can't imagine what impact this is having, and will have on those involved and them the nation of Nigeria. Looking at the coffee table and with some work and time, it's become completely transformed. Imagine hundreds, thousands of lives, being changed with some work and time.


Lindsey said...

So glad it's working out for Grace to be a part of that. Hope you guys are doing well and are enjoying married life.

carol said...

How can I help in Grace's efforts?