Thursday, November 18, 2010


I recently heard a statistic on that Americans consume FIVE times more than the rest of the world. That completely shocked me at first...but as I thought through it, pictures of over-weight people in church, in the streets, convenience at every corner, efficiency to carry us's got to be true.
This is all done in the back drop of South Africa, having worked with orphans the first 3.5 years here, living with them, befriending them, discipling them, loving them.
I've also been doing a study on Proverbs and in chapter 14 verse 21, you find this...

Compassion is to take on your neighbor's passions, needs, life goals, dreams, etc. What blessings shall we receive in this giving of compassion, that's Kingdom Economics. It's a given to help our neighbor in need. I love how "help" is not defined and can look like some many different things - using creativity.

So as I'm transitioning from White River to Cape Town, to being with the orphans in the bush, now advocating for them in the city, I've thought, how do I show compassion now?

I've decided to consume less, to start. As an American, my over-consumption is leaving less for the rest of the 2/3rds world and so this is part of my stand. Drinking less coffee, eating less, usinging less electricity, the list is growing.

This is all part of my life call to the orphan crisis, wherever I am. If this is speaking to you, come on and join me in living a life to consume less and give more to those that don't have enough.


sue kim (KCW) said...

great blog. totally agree with you and am challenged to consume less and spend less (money, that is).
i need to inform you of something - and i guess i'll just shoot you an email.

Hana Seo said...

This post is somehow freshly encouraging me to continue wrestle with the issue of consumption. It might be the time we live in now--- unhealthy life style/mind-set is addressed more and more especially within our (and younger) generation! ONE by ONE :P