Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home + 1

Highlights of Traveling/Being Home

- Amazing Moz Cheese, tomato and pesto sandwich...shocked me it was so good and I couldn't stop looking at it...maybe I was a bit delusional from the first 12 hours of flying

- chai latte + 2 shots of espresso. First to the last sip, amazing! Price in pounds, depressing.

- Passport Control at Newark Airport. Usually traveling within Africa, as an American citizen, hassles are just part of the travel plans. I gave my passport and declaration form, the officer looked, stamped twice and said "welcome home"...all in about 30 seconds. I even asked, "is that it?" and with a smile, he said "yes sir."

- AC...need I say more

- First korean meal, was my first meal made by my awesome sister in-law...Kabli (Korean Ribs). I posted something on my FB status...mouth watering, that really sums it up nicely. Each bite was taken so slowly, savoring, remembering, meditating on each moment.

Surprises so far

- So after a 24 hour+ flights, getting through passport control, picking up my luggage, I finally stepped out of the airport to walk to the Passenger Pick Up area for terminal C and BAM! I was smacked in the face by the heat...I knew it was hot here, but I was not ready for it. I paused for a moment.

- Coming home actually felt like I left home. South Africa is becoming home...another home.

Hey everyone, so give me a call. My US number is 203-889-6885. Lets hang out! Love you all.

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Athol said...

welcome "home" Hey in the bottom picture you look just like a plaas jan from Nelspruit!
I trust and pray that you have a blessed and fruitful trip. I will be in ATL doing the same from Aug 24 to 31st. So if you happen to come south let me know.