Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ok so here are some Updates for everyone...

A. STUDIO RECORDINGS: So the backtracks that were recorded for the concert in Nigeria are being transferred to an EP. Now an EP is short for Experimental Play and so much of the EP is "A WORK IN PROGRESS". But I'd like to get some songs out there. I'll be giving them out for free at the HOUSE CONCERTS (Concert Dates being finalized and will be announced soon).

B. TRIP TO US: My official dates to the NYC area are from August 11th - 31st. My main focus is fund raising and if you have an event(HOUSE CONCERT)/retreat/sunday service/small group/personal meeting/street corner...where I can share about the Orphan Crisis and Updates of our work ( in Africa , via talk or music, please let me know. I still have some available dates open. Also have many open dates to hang out so please email me,, and lets get some NYC Pizza or Korean Bulgogi or some Veniero's Cheesecake, or...the list in endless!

C. MOVE TO CAPE TOWN: My Original plan to move to Cape Town has been postponed to the 2nd week of September. In the mean time, I've been working on an Entry Plan researching and making contacts with musicians, clubs, speaking opportunities, apartment/flat rentals, etc.

D. The BAND: So far, since the recordings I've done so far, I've had great feedback from the musicians I've played with and then some I just met randomly. Prospects are good and hopeful. I'm in communication with them and we're making a plan for September!

E. ADVOCACY/SPEAKING: Well there have been some opportunities to further my speaking skills with Rich Hodge (many of you know) with You With a Mission Training Schools. After working together at the Musician's Workshop in Nigeria, we spoke at a Discipleship Training School in Swaziland. Great synergy and hopeful for more! There have been some leads to speak and raise further awareness of the Orphan Crisis in Central Africa, earlier next year.

F. SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: this term, so many of you YWAMers know so well...Grace and I are moving along and very hopeful for the future. Please keep us in your prayers.

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