Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the Studio

So this weekend, I'll be back in the studio at Media Village, to finish off the recording of the backtracks for the concert in Nigeria. After initially planning one concert in Jos, there are possible two more; one in Jos and two in Abuja. There's also a workshop that I've been asked to help teach for Christian Musicians. Some of the topics include Inspiration and Songwriting, Intimacy with God and also a concert at a prison. Totally thinking of Johnny Cash, should be fun!
Well, I just want to thank everyone's support and prayers. As I'm walking through the beginning of this dream, I'm pinching myself, wondering if it's all true.
Please keep the studio time, this weekend, in your prayers. Just wanting the electric guitar to be another voice of the heart. Also please keep my right shoulder in your prayers. It's been feeling a bit inflamed and I've been working through the constant pain. Will keep you guys updated.

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