Monday, December 21, 2009

Passing It On

Discipleship is a journey with much drama and many people involved. In the ebb and flow of the world we live in, some call it one big Soap Opera; passions grow and die, jealousy reveals its ugly head (horror in the veil), and to all the conflict in this world, sometimes, we find resolution.

My journey has been a Soap Opera. Mistakes I've made, mistakes done to me; blessings received, whether seen or unseen and curses given. Life is just a mess.
But one thing that rings true and louder and louder every year, are the people that have poured into me. Jesus seen and felt in countless hours of care and love through mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, friends, strangers...even people I've never met, like Bono.

So I've been learning to give as I've been given; sacrifice as people have sacrificed. Slowly, I've seen the Father bring one person, then another and another and another. The numbers have been growing and for some, it's just a short season and for others, the journey is a bit longer.
Working here in Africa, the Father has blessed me with an African brother, my African brother, Stanley.

He's got a smile that attracts all who can see it, a personality that lives and dances to the rhythm of joy and a heart with the depths to which the Father has designed...deep, which has also come from the price on knowing loss and death of both parents, as a child.
Stanley was one of the students that completed our DTS this year and has joined Ten Thousand Homes.

The Father is showing me change is truly one life at a time and it's my job to help him become better then me; jump higher than me; run faster than me; go further than me. So that he may do the same for the younger generation of Africans that will stand and jump from his shoulders, one day.

If you'd like to, please pray for Stanley. Pray for the Father's leading in hie life and greater doors to open. Also please pray for his finances, for every African missionary faces the challenge of a church that does not practice the discipline of support to missionaries, very well. If you are interested in supporting Stanley financially, please email me at

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