Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Great Story

This is a long overdue post in so many ways, but I'm proud to bring the updating back on track. So here it is, the RED ROCKET!!!!

Since landing in South Africa in May of 2007, I had been wrestling with God about a car. Being here, the most obvious need is the ability to get around and it is greatly hampered without a set of wheels...tricycle, bicycle, automobile, etc. My wrestling was with the side of me that breathes and eats Westernized Convenience versus the ever growing knowledge of the Father's Kingdom culture; one of sacrifice, service and love. Would a car be more of a stumbling block or a blessing in my character development here in Africa? So through a years worth of prayer, conversation with friends and more prayer, I came to the realization that a car would be a blessing and that my goal in having the car would be to bless others. It's funny how I battle with this when I'm tired and someone asks me for a ride and then the Holy Spirit is faithful in reminding me of the car.
Well, after I decided I needed a car, then I had to cross the issue of cost. Cars in South Africa are anywhere between two to three times the amount of a car that you would find in the U.S. Yes, it's appalling and being in a vocation where large sums of money are not usually readily available in the bank account, I thought, what a great lesson in faith. A good friend of mine was selling his car at a good price. After some prayer I decided to proceed in purchasing the vehicle. So I typed out a support and prayer letter. Didn't get much of a response. Now having done this "support-gig" for a while, I know that timing for God and all things related to life, including money, is a crucial, in learning and growing faith. Actually, one of the main reasons for walking through the process of obtaining a car is believing more and more that God is who he says he is, a faithful Father. So after a week passed, doubt started to knock at my front door. Then another week passed and doubt really started to walk in the house. Now, this was right before the YWAM Southern Africa Staff Conference, to which we were getting ready for. So one night, I was finishing the last coat of paint of the bathhouse, it was about 10:30pm and a friend and I were walking back to the main house on University Village. As we walked back in the dark, my growing discouragement finally reached fruition and this thought occurred to me "What am I going to do about the car?" Then, within a second, the Holy Spirit pierced that thought saying "Who am I?" I realized what I had done and that was to speak out, with my initial thought, my disbelief in God and that He is not faithful. Basically saying that He is not who He says He is; that He is a liar. I asked the Father for forgiveness and re-affirmed my faith in Him by thinking on His character reflected through the bible and stories of my life.
I went to my room exhausted and dirty. I decided to check email before I took a shower. I opened up my email and found a message to which I did not recognize the sender. I opened the email and here's what it said...

Hi David Song,
My name is Min Soo Kay and I am a member of KCW. If it helps at all to jog your memory, you sent me a thank you card last spring, right before you went to Africa. Regardless, I am writing this in response to the last one you sent out.
After reading your e-mail, I forwarded it to my husband and we were both pleasantly shocked. For the past few days, we had been discussing whether or not we should get a new car, or just keep our old one for a few more years, and this morning, we decided on the latter. It was right after we had made our decision that I opened your e-mail. My heart was pounding.It was the exact same feeling of realizing that someone needed God's help through our family. I was praying and praising our God. Someone else may have already offered you their help, but we truly want to help you purchase the car that you are in need of. Please tell me how we can send the money to you. If it helps at all, we can send you whole car price so that you don't have to pay monthly.
I will talk to you soon,

God Bless,
Min Soo Kay

As I re-read this, tears fell down my face. I knelt down on the floor and just enjoyed the moment with my Father.
It's funny how circumstances, or what we deem as circumstances, can shape us and try to steal the most foundational thought in the universe, that God is God. Thank you Min Soo for the automobile. Thank you for everyone else that has been supported as well. During the holidays and the beginning of the new year, I've reflected a lot on life, Africa, the orphans, personal issues, dreams, my friend's dreams, relationships and everything in between and I've come to these thoughts; Blessed is the man rich in relationships. Blessed is the man that gives. Blessed is the man who loves. Blessed is the man that runs after the Father. I love you all and til next week!



Beelieve said...

:O) wow what a blessing!!!!!!! so great to hear about that dave!!!! miss ya!!!

David said...

THATS AWESOME! Praise God =)

carol said...

Thanks for sharing, Dave. It's encouraging and uplifting cuz we all need reminding of who He is.

David Kim said...

thanks for sharing, dave. god truly is our provider, and takes good care of his children. hope all is well my friend.

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