Monday, July 14, 2008

It’s all in the legs.

We use our legs to get from one place to another. Some people run; others walk. In the Beijing, the Olympics (pic) have included speed walking as an event. You get to where you want to go, whether backwards or forward by using your legs. Sometimes, your legs help others, inanimate objects or not…(van pic). What happens when your legs are taken from under you? What then, where you find yourself, immobile, broken/hurting, and unable to get to where you want?
I’m leaving for the U.S. on Thursday. I am mainly coming home to speak at the N.O.A.H. camp. It’s a camp run by YWAM Cornerstone for Pastor’s and Missionary’s kids and their parents. It’s a time to bless the crap out of these servants. The trip will be short cause I fly back at the end of this month. I’m using my legs to help get me there. I’m using my legs to serve the servants; the ones that continually serve many, to which never hear a “thank you”. What an honor. Maybe I’ll even use my legs to help me see some friends.
I’m using my legs to help me get back to Africa at the end of the month. To come back and to continue to serve…(pic) those who, sometimes cannot walk, that have no legs. I find this the greatest burden and at the same time, the greatest joy. I hope you’ve found that. I hope you search for this; for the lame, the broken. They’re there. Maybe it’s you and all you have to do is ask for some help? Lately I've been realizing that it's me, the broken.

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Beelieve said...

press on dave! I prob wont see ya when u come back to the us of A i'll be here in MO til aug 1 :O(... well when are u leaving back to africa? I hope that all is well with u! Thanks for all of the encouragement and love. your awe-somme!