Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting Better

Thank you for all your prayers. It's been quite a ride. My dad has been in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit for eight days. Since the last post, he's had two setbacks where the his body, weak from his first two surgeries, was having a hard time recovering. A few days ago, his kidney was not able to release its urine due to a blood clot in the passage way the doctors cleared up during the second procedure. Basically, the doctors placed a drainage tube from his kidney through the side of his body. It wasn't a complicated procedure, but still, with all the ups and downs, phone calls in the middle of the night, we're so relieved that he's coming out of it. My dad is leaving the SICU and onto another floor. This is, again, another sign that he's doing well. His BP is stable, O2 levels are high and he's moving around. The nurses helped into a chair and my dad was so ecstatic. I can't imagine being tied to a bed for over a week. My dad is very happy he's recovering as well. He wants to get out of the hospital today.
Again, my family and I thank you for all your prayers and support through phone calls, emails and comments. We could not have gone through this without you guys. My mother, father and I constantly mentioned how incredible it is to have so many people praying for us. My dad is in awe and is so thankful. Here's a photo of him in the SICU. Again, he's getting healthier. Please keep praying. I'll update you guys again. Thank you my friends.


purple said...

your dad looks great! nice legs... :)

stardusx said...

i agree with purple =0) yay papa song!

sarah said...

Songer...I would think you were a nurse in the way you described your Dad's progess...nice! I say you consider your life calling :) Thanks God for taking care of your Dad!!!